New Typologies
Prints, 2018

Our awareness of the physical is changing, as is our relationship to comprehending space. Dislocating ourselves from our physical surroundings, we replace them with mirages, images and projections of a hyper-linked context. We capture movement, an implication and, through this, there is the disappearance and re-appearance of an event. Space becomes temporary; monumentality dies away.
Within any scene, one may be drawn into certain futuristic non-places - meditations on institutions, systems, and information.
In these abstract phantasmagorias with their aqueous layers of vibrant, pulsating color, picturesque yet foreign shapes and chromatic zones that arise from digital derived source assert entirely new spatial and temporal transformations. Surpassing the limits of pictorial logic, oeuvres are paradigms of vision; just as forms seem to materialize, their edges effervesce, pulling the viewer into their kaleidoscopic force field.