Architecture has a representative force - it is an agent in determining who and what can be represented and how. Can close relationship of architecture with specific representative formats contribute to its social rethinking? Representation is how architecture demonstrates that it is present not only physically but also in folklore. Collective memory can transmit knowledge, beliefs, ideas, feelings and experiences, fantasies beyond the materialistic limitations of architecture. Legends create a kind of link between architecture and its representation.
This round-the-clock camera obscura installation is accompanied by the voiceover of Yasinya village legends, myths as well as natural sounds. Project raises the question of what could happen if the architecture becomes open to outside or non-linear forms of exchange taking place at its border.

Architecture, Representation & A Myth 
Installation for Fantazery audio-visual festival  
Sound mix: Olesia Onykiienko
Curation: Zhanna Kadyrova
Yasinya, Ukraine