Ukrainian born. In 2012 graduated from New Jersey Institute of Technology, Faculty of Architecture and Design. Works as an independent architect and multidisciplinary artist. Pursues opportunities such as the expansion of the responsive environments through applied design, spatial installations and other interventions based on urban and social research of various scales.

Selected participations:  

2023 Exhibition @ Peace Activities For Tomorrow expo (Hiroshima, Japan)
2023 Exhibition @ Contrast Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
2022 Summer Residency @ dasweissehaus (Vienna, Austria)
2022 Working residency @ 1646 (The Hague, Netherlands)
2022 Dirty Old Town Programme @ Independent School for the City (Rotterdam, Netherlands) 
2021 Detali rave-music and art festival installation (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine)
2021 Residency and exhibition @ Fantazery audio visual festival (Yasinya, Ukraine)
2021 Residency @ Parasolka space (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine)
2021 CAADRIA Conference- AI in+form Workshop (virtual)
2020 Digital Futures- Interdisciplinary AI Workshop (virtual) 2020 Mariupol Port of Cultures art museum competition (Mariupol, Ukraine) 2019  Fantazery festival land art installation (Dragobrat, Ukraine) 2019 Social Product Design Workshop (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine)
2018 Urban Ethnography Lab "Beyond Urban Transformation" (Berlin, Germany) 2018 American Art Incubator Workshop (Kyiv, Ukraine)
2014 Greenpoint Gallery exhibition (Brooklyn, US)