The series of images explores how perceptions of the world are collected and internalized. Meditating on the senses felt in the presence of a particular scenic view the work transcends impression from surrealist-influenced interest in the arbitrariness of meaning as well as an awareness of the City-as-Metropolis, a topos of modernity from the mid-19th-century to the present day.
The resulting photographs reveal moments of distortion and a dream-like digitally enhanced alterations of reality. Sights, objects and figures melt into one another through gesture and bending of an artificial fabric. Detail is lost and abstracted in some areas and preserved in others. Far from the standard world view the photographs do not capture the clear-cut representation of the surroundings that can often be seen in the media. Instead, they locate and reveal more complicated nuances of contemporary interactions.

Aluminum Prints
2016 - 2017