Spiderotopia explores the theoretical reneissance of the Ukrainian identity free from any territorial invasions. Main agent that plays a key part within this prosperity is Ukrainian traditional craft arts, elements with clear tectonic and ideological articulation. Using the language of vyshyvanka as well as traditional “spiders” - module like elements of home decor made out of dried grass, which Ukrainians decorated their houses from before the Christianity arrived, the concept applies it to an utopian world - with skyscrapers, progressive infrastructure, bridges and power grids. This project is not only a model of a idealized cultural growth of a nation, but can also be seen from a more pragmatic point of today’s Ukrainian mentality and its cultural heritage. On the verge of comedy, tragedy and a farce some of our traits do not seem to disappear, turning utopian world into a dystopia. Its an exercise to observe ourselves: times are changing, but do we change with them?
American Incubator workshop Team members: Maria Proshkowska,  Olia Synyakevych,  Ivanka Borodina, Bogdan Seredyak

Izone, Kyiv, Ukraine