For the exposition, the concept and organizational planning of the artist exhibition’s work was developed. The presentation is organized in three halls within the museum. The first hall is intended to familiarize viewer with the context of his hometown of Odessa and the times when he worked. The second one - shows his main, most famous works. The third hall illustrates the methodology of creativity, sketches and original works of the artist, as well as his personal belongings.
The museum has very strict requirements for the design of exhibitions. Albeit, even with limited tools, selective color palette was used as well as custom presentation table was manufactured for the exhibit. End goal was to transport the viewer into the world of the artist and the city that inspired him.

Yuriy Yegorov Exhibition
Curation: Kateryna Filuk (Dymchuk Gallery Initiative)Team Members : Urban Curators NGO (Andrew Shulyar, Iryna Yakovchuk, Bogdan Seredyak)
National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine